Who We Are

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Big Orange is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to racing and rider development at the local, regional and national level. But Big Orange is way more “inclusive” than “invite only” clubs. We’ve always been that way – just a good group of people who like to ride and race their bikes. We’ve got men and women from all walks of life and just about every profession, ages 17 to 65. We have but one rule: Don’t Be A Dick!

The club was resurrected in early 2010 with only 30 riders. But since then it has grown into one of the largest, most respected clubs in So Cal due to our attitude, courtesy and respect on the road combined with the ability to win races. We are the folks who will stop and help you no matter what kit you are wearing. Race day, however, is all business and our results speak for themselves. You will not find a more successful team throughout all the categories in So Cal.

Big O is team owned. The Board is made up of members, voted in annually by members.  We call our own shots. We decide who our sponsors will be. Our sponsors support, but do not control us. And that support is solid, made up of local businesses that appreciate our efforts to be ambassadors of this great sport. Big Orange recognizes that team money is team money – so we distribute financial statements quarterly to members – transparency is a wonderful thing.

The main way we communicate is through a Yahoo! email distribution list. Other ways we communicate include:

Our 2015-2016 Board members can be found on Facebook or any of the local group rides and races:

  • Greg Leibert, President
  • Greg Seyranian, Vice President
  • Michael Barraclough, Treasurer
  • Denis Faye, Board Member
  • James Pettit, Board Member